Garraway Wealth Fund

Garraway Wealth Fund

The Wealth Fund is managed by Mark Harris. 

The Fund is an Irish domiciled UCITS fund which seeks to achieve capital growth through a long-term strategic asset allocation framework. 

The Fund invests in a balanced and diversified global multi asset portfolio and seeks to achieve above-average returns for a commensurate level of risk. 



Class GBP Y Acc

CHF 0.88

Class CHF Y Acc

CHF 0.94

Class CHF Acc


Class GBP Y Inc


Class GBP X Acc


Class GBP X Inc


Class GBP Acc


Class GBP Inc


Class GBP R Acc


Class EUR Y Acc


Class EUR Acc


Class EUR Inc


Class USD Y Acc


Class USD Acc


Class GBP R Inc

Fund At: 01/04/2020

Source: Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Ireland)