About Us


Garraway was established through the vision of its partners to create a dynamic fund management framework that provides innovative investment products and a robust and comprehensive infrastructure, enabling fund managers to focus on managing investor assets. The firm is a limited liability partnership, enabling managers and key team members to share in the success - and also the risks - of the business in alignment with our clients’ interest. We have many years of experience gained working in some of the leading names in asset management and investment banking. Together, we have a strong and highly successful track-record in delivering performance, growing assets and building long-term, trusted relationships. The firm is named after Garraway's, one of the famed coffee houses in Exchange Alley that became an early venue for the lively trading of shares and commodities, which led ultimately to the creation of the London Stock Exchange.


We seek to use our extensive experience gained within the investment management industry to ensure best practice is applied across all areas of our business. Our fund managers have the freedom to manage money in line with their distinctive investment strategies, unconstrained by a house view. Our long-term ambition is to build a diversified suite of funds that share our characteristic distinctiveness and differentiation. We look to attract emerging and established fund manager talent who share our values.