Discretionary Fund Management

The Garraway Discretionary Fund Management Proposition is offered to FCA regulated firms ("Advisers") only, on an "agent-as-client" basis.

Managed Portfolio Service

Significant investment expertise in building out rigorous processes surrounding the selection, evaluation and monitoring of funds and their fund managers.

Track record of managing portfolios with target volatility corridors in mind, whilst aiming to maximise risk/reward characteristics.


In a world of negative yielding debt and low income, pension needs become difficult to meet. Investors are required to take higher risk to satisfy yield requirements and this has associated drawdown risks. However, this can mean initial capital is run down over the retirement period.

In decumulation portfolios, investors redeem units of capital to fund their retirement requirements. Through the use of diversifiers and uncorrelated assets, our portfolios are better able to match retirement duration whilst preserving capital and minimising drawdown.

DFM solution available on platforms

Our portfolios have been designed to enable access via external platforms.

A bespoke solution is available from preferred provider Fundment. This all-in-one solution, specifically designed with the needs of Advisers in mind, brings together expert discretionary investment management services from Garraway with an efficient, white-labelable, and straight through investment platform from Fundment, helping Advisers to deliver a holistic service to their clients at a straightforward and low cost.

Transparent and disruptive all-in-one fee structure:

Active All-in-One Solution Total Fee 0.95%
Actively managed portfolios inc. ongoing charge figure & VAT

Passive Solution Total Fee 0.66%
ETF portfolios inc. ongoing charge figure & VAT