Discretionary Fund Management

The Garraway Discretionary Fund Management Proposition is offered to FCA regulated firms ("Advisers") only, on an "agent-as-client" basis, and brings together expert discretionary investment management services from Garraway with an efficient, white-labelable, and straight through investment platform from Fundment, helping Advisers to deliver a holistic service to their clients at a straightforward and low cost.

All-in-One Solution

A bespoke all-in-one solution, specifically designed with the needs of Advisers in mind, helping to drive efficiency.

Rigourous & Independent Oversight

Significant investment expertise in building out rigorous processes surrounding the selection, evaluation and monitoring of funds and their fund managers.

Target Risk/Reward

Track record of managing portfolios with target volatility corridors in mind, whilst aiming to maximse risk/reward characteristics.

Low Cost

Transparent and disruptive all-in-one fee structure:

- 0.95% AMC - Actively managed solution

- 0.66% AMC - Passively managed solution