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January 2022. Disclaimer.

Investment Objective and Policy

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide a combination of capital growth and income over the longer term. The Fund will seek to achieve its objective by investing primarily in international equity securities with a focus on companies which are listed in Asia. The Fund may also invest in other types of transferable securities, bonds, precious metal exchange traded funds and indirectly via collective investment schemes. Investment in collective investment schemes will also provide the Fund with indirect exposure to other asset classes such as commodities. The Fund may also invest in money market instruments, deposits, cash and near cash.

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Investment Team

Henry Thornton - Fund Manager

Henry is the lead manager of the Garraway Oriental Focus Fund. Henry joined Garraway in July 2019 from Blackfriars Asset Management. He began his career at Thornton Management (Asia) in 1985. In 1989 he was appointed investment director of Royal Trust Asset Management (Asia), a position he retained during subsequent acquisitions by Credit Lyonnais International Asset Management and Nicholas Applegate Capital Management. In 1999 he was appointed co-head of emerging markets at Colonial First State Investments, a position he retained until April 2000 when he resigned to co-found BDT Invest LLP where he was chief executive officer for 14 years and managed the Establishment Investment Trust and co-managed BDT Invest's Oriental Focus and Asian Focus Funds (now Garraway Oriental Focus Fund). He joined Blackfriars Asset Management in 2014. He holds a BSSc from Bristol University.

Malcolm Schembri - Fund Manager

Malcolm is the lead Fund Manager of Garraway Global Equity Fund and VT Garraway UK Equity Market Fund. With an investment career spanning over 10 years, he is an accomplished equity fund manager with a strong track record in both Global and UK fund mandates. Prior to joining Garraway, Malcolm was the lead fund manager of TM Global Equity Fund, a UK-focussed global equity mandate, and of TM Innovation Fund, a mid-to-small cap UK equity fund. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management and Banking & Finance and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Malta in 2005. He is a CFA Charterholder.

Tim Hall - Fund Manager

Tim Hall is a co-manager of the firm’s UK Equity and Global equity products. Tim joined the group in 2013 from Oriel Asset Management LLP. Prior to this, he spent much of his career at Martin Currie, where his roles included managing UK equities, helping establish a global client service offering and overseeing teams dedicated to institutional sales. Latterly he ran the investment floor with its associated risk and trading teams. His investment career has spanned three decades.