Garraway Financial Trends +14.71% mtd, +13.88% ytd (as at 20/03/20)

CTA/Managed Futures funds have been in existence for more than 40 years and are historically uncorrelated to stocks and bonds. As a result, they have offered invaluable diversification within portfolios, in particular during equity bear markets.

Since the MSCI World Index peaked on 12 February 2020, it has fallen by -32.3% to 20 March 2020. Meanwhile, over the same period, Garraway Financial Trends has generated a positive return of +9.89% and is now up +13.88% year to date (as at 20/3/20).

Below is a comparison of how CTA/Managed Futures have performed against equities since 1980. It highlights their positive performance during all the equity bear markets over the last 40 years and their non-correlation to equities.

slide 1 gft

The next slide highlights how blending our CTA/Managed Futures fund, Garraway Financial Trends, into a traditional portfolio would have significantly improved performance, in particular, higher Sharpe and Sortino Ratios and lower Maximum Monthly Drawdowns.

slide 2 gft

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