Garraway Announces Further Fund Management Expansion

Garraway Announces Further Fund Management Expansion

Following a major expansion of Garraway’s fund management business in March 2019, when it replaced City Financial as investment manager to its absolute equity and multi-asset UCITS funds, it has made another bold move in the market to expand its fund management business.

With effect from 19 July 2019, Garraway has been appointed as Investment Manager to Blackfriars Oriental Focus Fund. It has also launched a new vehicle, VT Garraway Asian Centric Global Growth Fund, one of the options for Shareholders of the Establishment Investment Trust Plc.

These moves follow the expansion of Garraway when it added the City Financial funds to its own existing UCITS range of funds.

The current manager of both Blackfriars Oriental Focus Fund and Establishment Investment Trust Plc, Henry Thornton joins Garraway with immediate effect. He will continue as the fund manager of Blackfriars Oriental Focus Fund and will also to join the team managing VT Garraway Asian Centric Global Growth Fund.

Commenting on the announcement, Garraway’s Managing Partner Hiren Patel, said:

“This represents another major step forward for us and our ambition to build a diversified suite of funds under management that share our characteristic distinctiveness and differentiation.”

“We are delighted to welcome Henry to our team of talented managers and look forward to helping him build on his success.”

“Garraway offers its fund managers a distribution network as well as the regulatory and support infrastructure they need without requiring them to compromise on investment policy or style. It is an attractive model that they like and which works for customers.”

“Our team and products are growing. This can only be good for our further expansion and the offer available to clients.”